Product Vision

Defines the purpose of creating the product and it continuously guides and motivates the teams.

Product Objectives

Precise, realistic and time bound targets that need to be achieved in order to fulfill the Product Vision.

Product Roadmap

Plan of actions of how a product will develop and evolve over time.

Product Backlog

Consists of product features and functionalities that are intended to address the needs of the business/user.


Group of functionalities that deliver a business value.

User Story

Description of a functionality that is desired by the end user.


Provides an incremental value in the form of a working product. A release consists of multiple iterations. Typically 2-3 months.

Release Backlog

A subset of Product Backlog that is expected to be added in the coming release.


  • Basic building block of agile practices
  • Standard, fixed length timebox
  • Deliver incremental value in the form of working product
  • Recommended duration is 2 weeks
  • Implements user stories

Iteration Backlog

  • Subset of Release Backlog
  • Set of user stories in the specific iteration