Undoubtedly everyone needs their product/service to go viral in the market in order to gain maximum out of it. Products become viral based on the nature and features of the product or because of the special marketing campaigns for the products. These product features and marketing campaigns independently or collectively can make the product viral. Most of the points are known to us, but let us summarise the key points here.

Aspects that could make a product viral

  1. Offer a product that has got real value – practical value that helps to solve problems
  2. Incorporate a social element in the product – address a social concern
  3. Have features or attributes that stand out for the product – color, shape etc. White colored headphone was a critical element in the success of Apple products.
  4. Products that are easy to access – products that are easilty available in the market
  5. Products that are easy to learn and use – products with good usability and interfaces
  6. Emotional impact – products that help to solve a nagging problem or create enormous happiness
  7. Products that triggers reminders – Eg: Twitter – we get notifications everyday
  8. Products that make market disruptions