This is one of the different versions of balloon breaking games. This can be played between multiple teams.

Items required: Balloons, drawing pins

Number of participants: 2+

How to play:

Select 5 people (or more) from a team and from that ask them to select one person as the balloon breaker. Give one drawing pin to the balloon breaker and make him to stand inside a circle. Draw a rectangle 3 meters away from the edge of the circle and make other team members to stand inside that rectangle. Handover a fixed number of ballons (let it be 15 nos.) to the people standing inside the rectangle.

The task to be performed is, the people standing inside the rectangle need to inflate the balloons and throw them to the balloon breaker without crossing the rectangle. The balloon breaker needs to break the balloons using his drawing pin without crossing the circle. The team who finish breaking the 15 balloons in the least time will be the winners.

If balloons go down the floor, the inflating members can go and get it and throw it to the breaker only from the rectangle. Many other rules can be added according to your interests like change the number of balloons, change the number of team members, give two drawing pins to the breaker so that he/she can use both the hands.