KB is a database used for knowledge sharing and management

It promotes the collection, organization and retrieval of knowledge. 

Many KBs are structured around AI – delivering intelligent decisions

Knowledge management systems depend on data management technologies ranging from relational databases to data warehouses. 

Some KBs are little more than indexed encyclopedic information, others are interactive and respond according to the input prompted from the user. 

A KB is a self service online library of information about a product, service, department or topic. 

The services offered are explanation, reasoning and intelligent decision support.

Knowledge bases can be extremely helpful in both reducing the number of times that customers need to contact your support staff and as a valuable reference resource to your support staff. 

A company knowledge base can function like a repository, containing critical information for the daily functioning of your business, as well as its long-term success. It provides an effective way to store important information regarding customers, employees, products and services. It helps employees access important information to address customer service issues, resolve problems and gain insight for workforce collaboration.