Maintaining a culture of innovation in an ongoing and sustainable way requires:

  1. Growth orientation
    1. Objective is to grow business rather than maintaining the company at its size
    2. Some companies merely exploits a short term opportunity
  2. Vigilance
    1. Continual external scanning
    2. Market research and competitor analysis
    3. Reading the scientific literature
  3. Commitment to technology
    1. Persistent investment in the new ideas
    2. Demonstration of the commitment to employees
    3. Encourage creativity
  4. Acceptance of risks
    1. Willingness to consider carefully risky opportunities
    2. Ability to make risk assessment decisions
    3. Include the decisions in a balanced portfolio of projects
  5. Cross functional cooperation
  6. Receptivity 
    1. Capability of the organization to be aware of, identify and take effective advantage of externally developed technologies
  7. Slack
    1. Allow individuals to think, experiment, discuss ideas and be creative.
  8. Adaptability
    1. Readiness to accept changes
    2. Change followed by all internal activities
  9. Diverse range of skills
    1. Combination of specialists and generalists
    2. Transfer of knowledge within the organization
  10. Space for creativity
  11. Strategy towards innovation
    1. Strategic planning and selection of technologies and markets
  12. Organizational heritage and innovation experience
    1. Company wide culture realising the value of innovation.